The Marketing Measurement platform is integrated with dozens of Ad Networks to provide automated postbacks and enhanced reporting - and we are adding more constantly.

Generic Instructions

When you create a Network tracker, if any Network-specific configuration is required you will be prompted for more details automatically. For example, the Ad2Games integration shown below required an Advertiser ID and Event ID from the Ad2Games network to enable the integration.


Once you have acquired those details from your Ad2Games account representative you will be able to continue creating your Trackers and the network postback integration will be enabled automatically.

Note that not all networks require additional parameters, so even if you don't see Network-specific settings postbacks may still be enabled.

New Network Integrations

If you have a Network that you would like to have integrated with the Gamesight platform please see our Integrating a New Network for more details on the process!

Detailed Integration Guides

While most of these integrations can happen automatically with no or minimal work on your end, some will require a bit of additional setup. The below guides provide instructions for those Networks that have a more intricate integration path.