Referral Codes

The Gamesight Marketing Measurement platform is very flexible and can be implemented in many different configurations to measure different flows. These use case guides are designed to give you the information you need to successfully roll out Gamesight for your game.

Not sure which use case applies to your game? Check out the Use Cases introduction for more details about our guides.

Use Case Overview

This use case guide is for covers how use Gamesight for measuring influencer activations like Creator Programs. Working with Creators and your community are incredible growth channels for game, but due to the complexities of these channels it can be difficult to get a holistic understanding of their impact on your user acquisition flows. Gamesight provides a suite of tools that can be used in tandem can help you understand the impact of your influencer marketing spends.

This guide presents solutions for several common measurement goals we see when customers are building Creator Programs or other affiliate style systems.


Managing Creator Programs

Note that a successful Creator Program requires active community engagement and support. These tasks include collecting and reviewing applications, distributing digital and physical program perks, monitoring social and attribution metrics, and more.

If your team could use additional support in managing your Creator Program, Gamesight provides a suite of services to help build and grow Creator Programs. If you'd like to learn more please reach out to your account manager!

Referral Links

The first step to understanding the impact of a creator is through direct response on a referral link. These links can be generated through Gamesight and distributed to your creators the same way you would create links for your display media - with all the same attribution reporting downstream. You will simply generate a unique Tracker for each creator in your program and have them place those links in their social posts, video descriptions, or stream chat.

Our Tracker Basics guide provides more details about how to create Trackers through the Gamesight console.

One of the downsides to this approach is that many viewers of a live stream or video will prefer to directly lookup your game over going through a landing page. In our own incrementality studies we have seen that this effect is often in the range of 5-10x, that is that the true impact of a creator was somewhere between 5-10 times higher than the number of users that were measurable through a click tracker. Google has published an in-depth study showing similar results in the mobile space.

Creator Codes

One way to supplement the direct response attribution data you are getting through tracking links is through Creator referral codes. In this flow you have a stage of your purchasing or onboarding flows where you prompt a user to enter in a unique creator code. This allows players to report any creator they interacted with directly even if they went through a flow that isn't trackable through automated attribution methods. It is common to incentivize users to enter a creator code by providing either some compensation to the creator, a discount to the player, or both.

Gamesight has a native Referral Code system that allows you to seamlessly combine your normal attribution measurement with a Creator Code style system. Gamesight will automatically attribute any users that come through a referral link as well as the users that directly provide a creator code giving you a single view combing both measurement methodologies into a single model.


Attribution Methods

Gamesight has a number of built-in attribution methods that work together to provide you with the best available measurement methodology for each flow that your users take. You can read more about the available methods and how they work together in the Available Attribution Methods doc.

To generate a Referral Code you will need to attach a unique code for each creator to your Trackers through the referral_code field on the /trackers API. Once the Tracker has been created you will have a customized tracking link that you can distribute to this creator{referral_code}

# For example, if my referral code was creator23 the link would be

In addition in your Event payloads, you can pass the referral code to attribute that user to the creator specified. You can find more technical details of how to pass Referral codes in our Referral Codes reference doc.