March 2023

  • 🚀 Report Column Reordering - You can now directly reorder and hide columns in your reporting by simply dragging the columns into your desired order and using the X to hide any columns you don't need.

  • 🚀 Configure ACM Reporting Team - When you set up Automatic Click Measurement you will start to see UTM and Referral traffic automatically in your reports. You can now control which Team this reporting shows under so you can help keep your organic and referral reporting separate from your paid media for cleaner reports. We highly recommend setting up a dedicated team for ACM traffic if you have a large amount of traffic to your landing pages!

  • Time to Conversion Summations - Time to conversion metrics now show an aggregate value for min, max, and average time at the bottom of reporting tables. This allows you to quickly see a baseline of how a channel's time to conversion might be varying against your average to better understand where in your funnel that channel is hitting users.

  • Platform Dimension Icons - When you add the platform dimension to your reports now you will now see icons for Steam, Xbox, Playstation, etc making it easier to quickly identify the row you are looking at.

  • LTV in Retention Reporting - The LTV columns are now available in Retention reports so you can quickly pull a single report showing you both the retention and monetization behavior of cohorts in your game.

  • Web SDK Snippet in Console - The In-Game Integration panel now shows you the correct Web SDK snippet for your game ready to copy into your landing page. This is particularly helpful if you are a customer with a dedicated environment and a custom Web SDK build.

  • 🛠 Report Views Consistency - There used to be a few columns that didn't save properly when you included them in your reporting view (such as ROAS). This is now resolved!

February 2023

  • 🚀 Time to Conversion Reporting - You can now see the average time between a customer interacting with your trackers and triggering goals in the campaigns report! This is a great way understand user behavior as they move through your funnel.

  • 🚀 Network Reported Conversions - We are piloting support for Network Reported Conversions in your Gamesight reporting. This feature adds columns to your reports showing the conversion numbers reported by the ad platform's own attribution reporting. This can be particularly helpful for situations where you are using Gamesight to send unattributed conversions and want to see the network's own attribution alongside your Gamesight-measured conversions. We are beginning rollout of this feature with Facebook Ads, but plan to expand to add more networks soon.

  • 🚀 Twitter Ads Integration - You can now link Twitter Ads account and configure postbacks into your Twitter Ads Pixel for conversion optimization on the Twitter platform.

  • 🚀 LTV Revenue by Goal - The LTV report has been updated to show revenue broken out by which goal it was associated with, enabling you to compare if some cohorts of users are really digging your cosmetics while others are more into expansion content.

  • 🚀 Web SDK Cookie Control - We've updated the Web SDK to support cookie-free usage with the cookies_enabled option. Normally the Web SDK will set a first party session cookie to join multiple actions occurring in a single session. This behavior can now be disabled giving you more granular control for multiple consent and compliance use cases.

  • Daily Charts - The Console will now automatically switch to showing daily data when you pull reports for 21+ days. This both drastically improves performance and provides a more valuable view of the trends in your data over long time ranges.

  • Fixed Headers in Reporting - By popular demand, the headers in our reporting tables are now in a fixed position so you can see the header values clearly as you scroll down longer reports!

  • Expanded Retention Options - You can now view longer retention windows in reporting, all the way up to 365 days.

  • Time Range Controls on Homepage - The Home dashboard now allows you to control the time range on that data being shown in the page.

  • Web SDK Init Options - The Web SDK now has support for accepting options during initialization which can simplify your integration when changing multiple several settings in your Web SDK integration.

  • 🛠 Table Summations - The aggregate values at the bottom of reporting tables now correctly show the totals for your entire report (previously it only showed data for the first page)

  • 🛠 Scalability - Operational limits added to Web SDK event processing to prevent process slowdown when users had a large number of events on a single session (>100k).

January 2023

  • 🚀 Referral Codes - Improve your measurement when working with affiliate and creators with Referral Codes. You can now attach unique referral codes to your Trackers providing you both with customized links and the ability to support a referral code in your registration or purchase flows for direct attribution.

  • 🚀 Raw Data Export on GCP - You can now specify a GCP Cloud Storage bucket at the destination for Raw Data Exports enabling you to dive deep into your attribution data using GCP's broad range of analytics tooling without needing to write your own ETL.

  • LTV and Retention Performance - We made several improvements to our LTV and Retention reporting to improve performance. It is now over 14x faster on average!

  • Attribution Improvements for Anonymous Events - Several enhancements to device graph traversal in attribution when mixing anonymous and identified events. For example carrying over attribution matches associated with anonymous events to identified events if there was an external ID link shared between the two event sets.

  • 🛠 Resolved issue where it wasn't possible to add multiple postbacks consecutively in Tracker configuration

  • 🛠 Minor issue where unattributed data was split between 2 rows on LTV and Retention reports

  • 🛠 Goal revenue is now included in LTV reporting