March 2024

  • 🚀 Influencer Campaign Dashboard - We have launched a new suite of tools to enable you track, visualize, and interact with your Gamesight-managed influencer campaign's progress from start to completion.
  • 🚀 Creator Program Dashboard - Incentivize and reward the creators in your community with a dedicated program. Open up applications, select those who fit your vision, and start offering perks right away.
  • 🚀 Key Distribution - Our full suite of Key Distribution tools empower you to run flexible key distribution campaigns - either standalone or to complement a paid campaign.
  • 🚀 Custom Goal Cohorts - Run cohorted reports such as the LTV and Retention with customized cohorting logic based on any goal (or combination of goals) that you have configured.
  • Redesigned Goal Creation - We have completely reworked our Goal Creation flow to provide a more guided experience and open up several new types of measurement such as retention and throttled goals.

February 2024

  • 🚀 Scheduled Reports - Automatically configure a report to be delivered to you or your advertising partners at a regular cadence. No need to manually pull performance reports for your partners so they can perform optimization on your behalf.
  • LTV Cohorts per User - Easily compare the monetization rates of different player cohorts with the new Day X LTV per User data in reporting. This allows you to directly compare the performance of cohorts on a per-user basis in addition to our existing cumulative LTV reporting.
  • Extended Game Creation Flow - The Game creation flow now automatically pulls configuration from your Game's Steam page to provide a customized onboarding experience.
  • Viewer Role - We have added a new read only user role available at the Org, Game, and Team level. You can now add new users to your account that will only have permission to read existing configuration, but not to create new Trackers.
  • 🛠 YouTube Analytics Fixes - We have fixed several small issues with our YouTube analytics reports, including video counts dipping on the last day of each month and added support for importing YouTube shorts links.

January 2024

  • 🚀 Manual Cost Upload - With Manual cost uploads you can fill in the gaps in their cost reporting by simply uploading a CSV report containing the relevant data from their ad partners. Works great for tracking costs on influencer spends as well!
  • 🚀 Tracker Type Controls - New settings on Trackers enable you to select which touchpoint measurement solution you want to simplify tagging. Choose between Direct tagging, Automatic Click Measurement, and working with an ad server such as Google CM360 to ensure accurate tagging without needing to manually adjust tags.
  • S3 Data Export Extension- We have made a number of improvements to our S3 Data Export Reports to improve the overall flexibility and stability of the system, enabling you to get even more value from your measurement data. We can now support hourly data delivery, more partition structures, and more on top of increased performance and reliability.

November 2023

  • 🚀 Audit Log API - Automate your compliance by accessing the Audit Logs for your Organization programmatically! Fortify your defense against unauthorized access, ensure regulatory compliance, and gain real-time activity insights throughout your team.
  • 🚀 Enhanced Consent Management - Tailor customer experiences while ensuring GDPR and privacy compliance with new granular Consent Management tooling. You can now independently manage consent for data processing, attribution, and postbacks for each user. Navigate the evolving landscape of data regulations with confidence without sacrificing key insights.
  • Google CM360 Integration - We've expanded our Google CM360 integration to include cost data integration. Allowing you to consolidate reporting from CM360 into Gamesight seamlessly, including DV360 campaigns.

October 2023

  • 🚀 Custom Dashboards - You can now create fully custom dashboards with you own visualizations! Create a dashboard highlighting your latest marketing push or a analytics report for tracking trends in player behavior over time.

  • 🚀 IPv6 Support - We have added support for IPv4/IPv6 Dual-stack networking so you can continue to measure as you roll out IPv6 infrastructure to your games.

  • Improved Invalid Traffic (IVT) Filtering - We have revised and expanded our bot filtering to help provide cleaner reporting. The new filter catches 208% more invalid traffic!

  • Invalid link pattern detection - Tracking links will now automatically detect and correct links with invalid encoding to keep your reports cleaner! No more line items with &ad_group=value in the name.

  • 🛠 CSV export - Fixed issues with CSV export when the column headings contained commas

  • 🛠 Timezones - Fixed reporting edge case where time filters were using UTC rather than your game's configured timezone

September 2023

  • 🚀 Cohorted Day X LTV - You can now compare the revenue growth over time of different cohorts of users directly in the LTV report! Choose from a number of D1/D3/etc benchmark dates and easily run comparisons between different months, channels, and more.

  • 🚀 Weekly & Monthly Grouping - Choose weekly or monthly grouping in reporting to build larger cohorts for comparison or give you a higher level view of your performance over time.

  • 2023 SOC2 Audit Completed - Our 2023 SOC2 audit has been finalized! Please let your Account Manager know if you would like a copy to review.

  • SAML SSO Improvements - We have made several improvements to our SAML Single Sign-On feature including the ability to restrict an entire email domain to a specific IdP. This greatly simplifies the process of inviting new users when working with SSO - just send them a standard invite through the Gamesight Console and we will automatically guide them through the rest!

  • 🛠 Hidden reporting columns - Manually hidden Goal columns in reports used to reset any time you changes the groups or metrics in your reports. This has been fixed so you don't have to continually re-hide columns as you fine tune your report.

August 2023

  • 🚀 Lifetime Goals in Reports - Have you ever wondered how many lifetime tutorial completes or purchases were made by a player cohort? Wonder no longer! When running LTV reports, you can now pull each cohort's lifetime goal counts, in addition to revenue.

  • 🚀 Names in S3 Exports - Our S3 Data Delivery pipelines have been upgraded to include human friendly Campaign, Ad Group, Ad, etc names! If you have an existing delivery pipeline, contact your account manager to get names added to your feed.

  • 🚀 Docs Translation - Our documentation can now be viewed in Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and French! Simply use the language selector in the top right of the page.

  • Snap integration - Our Snapchat postback integration has been revised to allow for additional matching parameters to improve match rates and optimization while running Snap campaigns. Check out the linked documentation for more details.

  • StackAdapt integration - We added a new integration with StackAdapt enabling both conversion postbacks and automated cost aggregation!

July 2023

  • 🚀 Ad Server ID Parameters - We have added support for dedicated fields and reporting parameters for use with ad servers such as Google CM360. This allows you to keep track of both your ad platform's ID structure and your ad server's IDs simultaneously!

  • 🚀 Cryptocurrency support - You can now provide revenue amounts in crypto (ETH, SOL, BTC, etc) and we will automatically convert those volumes into USD (or any other fiat currency!)

  • 🚀 Solana integration - Games running on Solana can now automatically receive on-chain events for attribution.

  • Reddit Ads Integration - Our expanded Reddit Ads integration now supports account linking and automated cost aggregation for your Reddit campaigns!

  • Appier Integration - Added dynamic hierarchy mirroring and postbacks

  • CyberAgent Integration - Added dynamic hierarchy mirroring and postbacks

  • StackAdapt integration - Added postback support

  • 🛠 Tracker UTF-8 Character Support - Fixed an issue where if you used UTF-8 characters in your Tracker name during creation the automatically generated Tracker ID could lead to conflicting rows in reporting. You can now use UTF-8 characters freely when creating Trackers!

  • 🛠 Influencer Analytics with multi-game links - Social platforms such as Twitch or Youtube may have more than one ID for a given Game over time. In these cases Gamesight now automatically merges those links together and provides a selector to let you pull analytics and run discoveries for each ID.

June 2023

  • 🚀 API Payload in Reports - Build reporting API calls directly through the Console UI with the new option to copy API payload in the report builder. This enables developers (or marketers) to quickly create the report they want in the Gamesight UI and replicate it programmatically!

  • Creative Name for Google Ads - Creative names are now automatically synced to reporting for Google Ads campaigns, saving you effort of manually mapping Ad IDs to names when building reports.

  • Influencer Profile Performance - We've made some significant improvements to influencer profiles and they now load 3x faster overall!

  • 🛠 Google Ads Fixes - Fixed issues with complex MCC structures not linking properly. Also Google Ads tracking template will now respect UTM mirroring toggle so you can easily disable automated UTMs.

May 2023

  • 🚀 Multitouch Model Controls - There are new "Multitouch Model" controls available in reports to let you select between viewing First Touch, Last Touch, Linear, Positional, and Time Decay models in real time. Quickly get deeper understanding of how your marketing channels influence the player journey, in addition to our existing assist and deeper S3 reporting options.

  • 🚀 Late ID Binding - Many games have several identities that may be linked over time or delayed registration where users may begin playing the game without registration. Anonymous events have supported this flow previously, but now with Late ID Binding attribution will automatically reprocess previous events with the new User ID after the user signs up/in for improved match quality and clarity in reports.

  • Integration Relinking - You can now remove existing ad platform integrations directly from the Tracker's Integration tab. This greatly simplifies the process and removing and changing the account that you have linked to your Tracker.

  • 🛠 Google Campaign Manager Linking - We rebuilt the GCM account linking flow to be more intuitive and faster.

  • 🛠 GDPR Data Removal Performance - Improved performance on large GDPR data removal requests to complete deletion jobs more quickly and efficiently