Available Attribution Methods

The Marketing Analytics platform supports multiple different attribution methods which work in tandem to provide you with a full picture of your marketing campaigns, no matter what platform you are targeting.

Method Details

Session Matching

Supported Flows: Web to Web
Session Matching is used in marketing flows that are expected to occur entirely within a single web browser. In this case the Goals are measured using the Web Measurement SDK enabling direct matching of events with touchpoints from the same browser session utilizing simple session cookies.

Device ID Matching

Supported Flows: Web to Mobile App, Mobile App to Mobile App
Device ID Matching is used in situations where a mobile device advertising identifier is available on both sides of the flow (such as an IDFA).

External ID Matching

Supported Flows: Web to PC Game, Web to Mobile App, Web to Console,
External ID Matching is applied when you have a shared ID that is known at multiple stages of your marketing flow (such as an account ID or external network ID). This value can be associated with a device using the Web Measurement SDK Quick Start or direct import to build out the device graph for your title. This device graph maps External IDs to specific devices allowing touchpoints to be matched deterministically.

Fingerprint Matching

Supported Flows: Web to PC Game, Web to Console, PC Game to PC Game
The Fingerprint Matching method is actually a combination of many different fingerprinting and probabilistic matching techniques that we have tuned for PC and Console attribution. While not deterministic matching like the previous options, we have measured an accuracy of 90%+ for matches made through our fingerprinting techniques in controlled tests.

For all of these attribution methods, a successful match will lead to an entry being created in the device graph. This ties the device to a specific identity enabling more consistent attribution through deterministic attribution techniques for future campaigns.

Attribution Waterfall

In the case that your marketing flows are supported by multiple different attribution methods, the following waterfall for matching priorities will be applied. Matches will be attempted in priority order down the list until a match is found or no more methods are available.

  1. Session Matching
  2. Device ID Matching
  3. External ID Matching
  4. Fingerprint Matching

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