Steam UTM Analytics

This document covers the steps required to integrate Steam UTM analytics into Gamesight. Once the integration is complete, Gamesight will automatically download data from Steam, and integrate it into our reports. Steam provides us with some unique insights into their platform specific metrics, such as wishlists and page visits.



Because of the way Steam does attribution, they are only able to attribute a small minority (typically less than 10%) of all traffic. Further reading on why. That being said, we encourage all customers to set up this integration, as some data will always be better than none.

1. Enable Gamesight to view UTM analytics on Steam

After logging into your steamworks account at, you will be presented with the dashboard.


From here hover over the "Users & Permissions" drop down, and select "Manage Users". This will take you to your user management dashboard.


Click on the "Invite User" button, which will then open a modal. Enter gamesight as the name, and [email protected] as the email. After that check the View Marketing Traffic Data box. Here is what the form should look like:


After we accept the invite, you will receive an email, which you must confirm. And that's it!

2. Mirror Steam's UTM parameters

In order to properly align and segment the data from Steam, we need your Steam UTM reporting to align with your Gamesight reporting structure. This can be configured automatically by enabling UTM Mirroring in your game settings. Once this feature is enabled, Gamesight will automatically set UTM parameters on the landing page for all clicks coming through your Trackers.


UTM Mirroring Enabled

You can read more about the UTM Mirroring features in here.

3. Done! Check out your new Steam stats in Gamesight's reports!

Once steps 1 and 2 have been completed, notify the Gamesight team, and we'll enable the new Steam reporting features for you! You should now see new Steam metrics available in the reports "display" tab, try them out!


Gamesight automatically merges and standardizes your Steam UTM data with our reporting structure.



Steam's UTM analytics are still in beta! We think their reporting will be stable for the time being, but it's always good to manage expectations when working with bleeding edge technology. Thank you for working with us to continuously improve our service and provide you with the best insights possible! If you have any questions at all about this integration please contact us at any time.