Influencer Discoveries

The Campaigns Dashboard not only allows you to monitor which "stage" your campaign is in, but you can also view and interact with the data-driven influencer Discoveries that our team compiles for you as well. The discoveries may cover multiple platforms such as Twitch, YouTube, and YouTube Live for example.


Influencer Discovery and Approvals

Our team will let you know once your Discoveries are available for review.

Once your Discovery is available in your dashboard, your next step is to review and Approve the Discovery in order to give our team the greenlight to begin outreach!

Influencer Discovery Overview

In the Discovery example below, you can see a targeted list of YouTube creators who play FPS games:

Discoveries will also include a variety of influencer metrics such as the influencer's Score (higher scores represent better fits), Estimated Cost (includes Gamesight fees), ACV (Average Concurrent Viewers), AVV (Average Video Views), CCV (Current Concurrent Viewers), and more. Discoveries will vary in the number of columns and available data on a per campaign/platform basis.

Influencer Approvals


Qualified Influencers

Every influencer in your Discoveries will have a "Qualified" (Approved) status by default. This is due to our proprietary and data-driven approach in selecting the best influencers for your campaign. This means that you do not have to manually approve any influencers.

Each influencer has also been vetted by our expert Influencer Team to ensure that they are a great fit.

As called out above, each influencer in your discovery is Qualified by default. However, you do have the ability to change an influencer's status by clicking on their Qualified status and choosing Rejected.

If you decide to Reject an influencer, please consider leaving our team an optional note with some additional context on your decision.

  1. Click on a creator's row and leave a note for our team in the pop-up shown below
  2. Save the note
  3. Click Reject to let our team know that the influencer should not be contacted.

Comment Threads

You can utilize Comment Threads to discuss topics related to individual influencers similar to how comments work in spreadsheets. Using the comment feature will allow you to discuss things like cost approvals, questions related to deliverables or go-live dates, or anything else pertaining to a specific influencer. This feature is available on the Discoveries and Activations tabs as shown below:

Request Changes

You have the option to request changes to your Discovery by clicking the Request Changes button available at the top right-hand side of your Discovery. Some examples of change requests could be:

  • Targeting additional, specific, or less games
  • Targeting specific countries
  • Targeting different streaming/content platforms

Discovery Approval

Once you have reviewed your Discovery and are happy with the selected influencers, be sure to click the Approve option at the top right-hand side of the page to give our team the green light to begin outreach!


What part of your data generally predicts success?

Success is relative based on the specific goal, or goals, in mind. The answer to this question varies based on the specific performance marketing strategy of this campaign (Are you focusing more on awareness, interest, conversions, or engagement?). The metrics we recommend measuring success by are viewer hours, cost per view, engagement, and conversions. From past campaigns that our team has executed, we have seen the following trends in influencers that minimized cost per view and maximized reach - in order of priority:

  1. They produced sizeable content on games on the target list and had success when doing so.
  2. They did not overly rely on one title for their viewership (unless that title is the game being played for the campaign).
  3. They had consistent viewership, content to content (Standard Deviation).
  4. Their audience had good engagement with target content (Twitch only).

How is Estimated Cost calculated?

Estimated Cost is based on industry averages for one 2-hour stream (unless specified and adjusted accordingly) and a social post. The estimation is heavily influenced by the channel's recent viewership, but may also be displayed as our known cost for the influencer. Estimated Cost includes Gamesight's fees.

An influencer on my Twitch Discovery has a YouTube Channel, so why don't they show up on the YouTube Discovery (vice-versa)?

A creator's success and how well they fit on one platform does not guarantee success on another platform. Some content creators naturally gravitate toward a specific platform based on their individual strengths and weaknesses. Similarly, some games are more successful on a specific platform. Our Influencer Team can provide more context for you at any time if needed!

Why are influencer scores available on some streaming platforms, but not others?

The various platforms that we work with have different types of data available which may prevent score calculations for specific platforms.

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