Currency Handling

Gamesight automatically handles conversion of currencies into a standard base currency (USD) so your reporting always has consistent currency handling. You simply send all events and in-game purchases in the player's local currency and the cost / revenue data will be automatically standardized to USD before being stored.


Forex rates are updated from the daily rates posted by the European Central Bank.

Reporting Currency

If you would like to see your reporting to a currency other than USD you can change this setting on your Game. Go to Management > Game Settings and update the currency setting and all reporting will automatically be converted to your desired target currency.

Game Settings panel

Game Settings panel

When working with the Reporting API there are currency settings available to enable you to view your reports in your desired target currency.

Cryptocurrency Support

In addition to standard fiat currencies, you can also provide revenue amounts in a supported cryptocurrency. By default, we support the following currencies: BTC, ETH, SOL. If you have another currency that you would like to report revenue in please contact your account manager and we can get it enabled on your game.