User Management

This document walks through some basic account and user management functions which are available to you on the Management page of your dashboard. You can find a brief video covering some of this functionality directly below, along with a more in-depth guide in the following text.


Games are the core organizational unit in the Gamesight Console. A Game contains a plethora of related details including Events, Goals, Teams, Settings, and more.


Each user can have access to many different games. To view these users, simply click on the User Management option as seen in the above screen shot.


Game User Management

Games have their own unique member list allowing you to control a User's permissions on a per-game basis.

Clicking on User Management for a game will show you all of the users who currently have access to your game, their roles, and the teams they are a member of.


Clicking on a user's roles will bring you to a permissions management form where you can control the user's game-level permissions.


You will also notice that the User Management page shows the list of Teams that a user is in. The team concept and its benefits are described in detail below.


Each Game is divided into multiple distinct Teams. A Team is a set of Users that all share access to the same Trackers and Reporting. This additional organizational layer allows you to control access to sensitive campaign data across different portions of your company.

The concept of Teams is also provided as an additional organizational tool to help you granularly control data access. A common team structure could be something like this.

Team NamePurposeTeam Members
Marketing USHold campaigns being run by your internal US marketing teamUS Marketing Team
Marketing EUHold campaigns being run by your internal EU marketing teamEU Marketing Team
Agency AHolds campaigns being run by Agency A - hired by US Marketing team to run programmatic display ad buys. By creating a separate team for Agency A we can ensure that the US Marketing Team can monitor campaign performance without granting Agency A employees to any other campaign data.Agency A Employees, US Marketing Team
DevelopersHolds test campaigns used by the Dev/QA teams to ensure the integration is working as intended. Separated from the rest of your campaigns so Developers don't get access to live campaign data. Also keeps test data out of the live campaign reports.Internal Development Team

Within a team you can navigate to the Member List. This will show you the members that currently in your team.

Simply use the drop-down selection to choose the Team that you want to manage. Once you have your Team selected, you can use the corresponding management options to modify the Team's settings, invite/remove/edit users, etc.

Creating Teams

You can also create a new Team by clicking the blue "+Team" button shown in the screenshot below. Whether you have Global UA teams running ads, or you're working with third-party agencies, creating separate teams in Gamesight will allow you to separate marketing teams for cleaner reporting and enable simultaneous marketing efforts for your game.


Team Switcher

In the top left corner of the page you will find a team switcher that lets you change the Game and Team that you are currently using for viewing trackers and reports.



Team Selection

Play close attention to the currently selected team in the Team Switcher to ensure you get the reports you are expecting.

Inviting Users

From your dashboard, you can quickly invite users by clicking 'Management' on the left-hand side of the navigation, followed by clicking 'User Management' below your Organization or Team. Next, you will see the Invite Users option at the top right-hand side of the page which you can click to open the following invite menu.


Once you have clicked on the Invite Users option, you will have the following modal appear on-screen where you can invite your team members.


Referencing the menu above, you would simply need to enter the user's email address (or multiple email addresses) - be sure to press the add (+) button! - and click 'Next'. Once you have done that, you will be asked to assign permissions to the user. Then, you can review the pending invite(s) and click Submit to send the invites.

Once an invite is sent, the user(s) will receive an email with a unique invite link. They can use this link to either sign up for a Gamesight account if they don't already have one, or sign into their existing account. After they sign in they will automatically be added to the Team.

User Permissions

Org Admin - Org Admins have full permissions across every Game and Team that exist under the account. This role should be carefully assigned to individuals who will be managing account-wide permissions for all Games and Teams.

User - This user can view basic game details, marketing, and influencer analytics reporting. This user can also manage Trackers, Ad Platform Integrations, and Postbacks. This role is commonly given to Marketers, Agencies, and Regional team members.

Game Analyst - The user can view game analytics (behavior reporting, unattributed goals, user level reporting). This role is commonly given to Analysts, Executives, Global marketing teams, and other internal stakeholders that need access to the complete picture of your game's performance.

Game Integrator - The user can view technical game integration details, API keys and the Event Monitor. This role is commonly given to Developers and technical team members managing your game's integration.

Game Admin - The user has administrative permissions over both User and Team management, and also Game Settings.

Billing Contact - The user can view billing details and receive invoices.

Viewer - This user can view basic game details, marketing, and influencer analytics reporting. This is a read only role that is commonly given to users that need access to reporting data but not to manage marketing campaigns.

Removing Users

You can quickly remove users from Teams, Games and your Org if necessary. To do this, click Management on your dashboard and use the appropriate User Management option below Org, Game or Team to view all users within that category.

Next, you can click directly on a user's role in order to view available options (including removing the user).


Removing Org Admins

In order to remove an Org Admin, you would first need to deselect Org Admin for that user and click Save. You can then navigate back to that user's role (which is now an Org Member) to remove the user from your Org.