API Key Management

This document will walk you through creating and managing your API Keys for pulling Reports, managing Trackers, and GDPR data requests.

Note that the Event Measurement key for In-Game or Website measurement is separate and can be found under the In-Game Integration section on the Management tab.

Creating a New API Key

You can create a new API Key by clicking 'Management' on the left-hand side of your dashboard, followed by clicking directly on API Keys below the Organization options.


You will now be able to choose the permission scope for your key. You can create a Reporting Key, Aggregate Reporting Key, or a GDPR Key.

  • Reporting Key - This is a fully permissioned reporting API key with access to marketing analytics reporting, game analytics, user-level reporting, and unattributed goals. Generally this scope is used internally by the game developer/publisher.
  • Aggregate Reporting Key - This is a restricted reporting API key with access to the marketing analytics reporting for a specific set of teams. This role doesn't have permission to game analytics, user-level reporting, or unattributed goals. This scope is commonly used when providing external parties such as agencies programmatic access to their campaign performance data.
  • GDPR Key - This scope allows you to make Data Access, Right-to-Forget, and Opt-Out requests for user data.
  • Audit Key - This scope allows you to make calls to the Audit Log API


Copy your API Key!

After creating a new API Key, the value will only be displayed once! Ensure you copy it into a safe place before proceeding, you will not be able to copy the key again.

Once you have chosen an API Key to create, you name your key and choose which game(s) and team(s) to assign it to. Simply click Update to save the key!


GDPR Key Data Management

GDPR Keys manage game-level data and would not be able to be assigned to specific teams as such since there is no team-level data to apply permissions to.