Adjust MMP

Adjust is a Gamesight partner focused on measuring ad performance for mobile titles. Gamesight’s integration with Adjust enables marketers to gain deeper insights into their marketing performance for cross-platform titles that share a unified account system. In addition, leveraging the adjust integration allows marketers to:

  • View mobile game attribution performance alongside Gamesight reporting for PC/console games
  • Analyze a complete LTV and retention picture for cross-platform titles
  • Understand how existing users playing on mobile convert to the PC or console version of the game


Adjust Documentation for this Integration

You can reference Adjust’s instructions for setting up this integration here.

Identity Requirements

Gamesight's integration with Adjust depends on shared identity or accounts between your game's mobile and pc/console editions. Please reach out to your Gamesight account rep to review the requirements and put together an implementation plan for this integration before getting started!

In Adjust

  1. Find your app and select your app options caret (^)
  2. Select Partner Setup > ADD PARTNERS
  3. Select the add (+) icon next to Gamesight
  4. Enter your API KEY and TEAM ID
  5. You can find your API Key in Management > In-Game Integration > API Keys
  6. Your team ID is available in Management > Team Settings > Team ID
  7. Select Save