Data Filtering

Gamesight implements a few standard filters on reporting to help ensure that automated or invalid traffic does not create confusion in your reporting.

Bot Filtering

There are many types of Invalid Traffic (IVT) that are common in the advertising ecosystem. This can include normal automated systems designed to validate campaign configuration, categorize or analyze ad placements, or confirm the safety of content being served. But it can also sometimes include more malicious activity such as click stuffing or fraudulent traffic.

The bot filter takes into account the following when determining whether a specific interaction should be included in reporting:

  • Known IP ranges associated with Invalid Traffic, including:
  • Device details based on useragent including Browser, OS, & Device Type
  • Request structure such as URL parameters, headers, and cookies by ad platform

We use these signals together to create a proprietary scoring system that looks at multiple features of the interaction to determine likelihood of IVT. Any interaction that is classified as IVT will be hidden from reporting by default through the bot filter. You may disable this filtering at any time by disabling the "Bot Filtering" flag in your report.