Microsoft Ads

This document covers the steps required to send conversion data from Gamesight Marketing Analytics to Microsoft Ads. This is a two-way data sync that pushes your conversions to Microsoft Ads enabling automated install-based optimization.

1. Create your Microsoft Ads Tracker

Once you are logged into Gamesight, you can click Trackers (under Acquisition) on the left-hand side of the page to access your tracker management page.

Next, simply click the "Create" button at the top of the page as shown below.


Next, you can search for "Microsoft Ads" and click on the Microsoft Ads logo as shown below.

On the next menu, click "Use Microsoft Ads".

Next, click "Authorize Microsoft Ads" and sign into your Microsoft Ads account.

You must click "Yes" on the following access prompt shown below.

Now that you have allowed Gamesight access you can select the appropriate "Account ID" and "Customer ID" in Gamesight on the following menu.

With your Account ID and Customer ID selected, click "Next".

Take note of the Click URL! It should appear as follows:{CampaignId}&campaign_name={Campaign}&ad_group={AdGroupId}&ad_group_name={AdGroup}&ad={AdId}&msclkid={msclkid}&destination_url={lpurl}


Just use the Network Tracker!

Simply copy your full Click URL as shown above and use it in the Tracking Template field of your Campaigns in Microsoft Ads. Gamesight will automatically mirror the Campaign structure that you set up in your Microsoft Ads account. You do not need to set up the Campaign / Ad Group / Ad levels of the tracker in Gamesight.

2. Create your Conversion Goal

After you have linked your Microsoft Ads account, you will need to setup a Conversion Goal in Microsoft Ads if you do not already have one.

First, you can click Tools > Conversion Goals in your Microsoft Ads dashboard.

Next, you can click Create and choose "Offline" as the kind of conversions to track. Click "Next".

Now you can choose the Goal Category for your campaign and Goal Type (select: Offline Conversions).

Finally, Name your Conversion Goal and choose the Revenue option of your choice. Click "Save and next".

3. Setting up Postbacks to Microsoft Ads

Now that you have your Microsoft Ads account linked to Gamesight and your Conversion Goals are created, you are enabled to set up postbacks from Gamesight to Microsoft Ads directly through your dashboard!

Please check out our Postbacks documentation for a walk-through!

4. Set up your Microsoft Ads Campaign

To track your Microsoft Ads Campaigns, you will need to be sure to use your network-level, Microsoft Ads Click URL. You can access the correct link by simply clicking on your Microsoft Ads tracker on the Trackers page.

Now that you have your Click URL copied, you can paste this into the Tracking Template field of your Microsoft Ads campaign as shown below.

Finally, be sure to click the test button to ensure that everything is redirecting to the correct page!

You should be ready to run your campaign now!


You can use this same tracking link for all of your Microsoft Ads Campaigns!