Custom Domains

This document outlines the process for using a custom domain instead of the domain for your Trackers. This gives you branded short URLs which are perfect for sharing on social platforms.

Step 1: Update DNS

The first step is to update your DNS Zone to add a CNAME record on the sub-domain that you want to use for your tracking links. The record should look something like the following.


Step 2: Set Custom Domain in Gamesight

Now that you have set up your DNS to point to Gamesight, we can update our platform to start responding to requests on your tracking links. Simply contact us through live chat or email us at [email protected] and we can finish off the process required to get your new domain live.

Working with the Web SDK

If you are using a custom domain and the Web SDK, you will need to alter your SDK initialization code to ensure your tracking works correctly.

Find the following line in your SDK initialization code

gsght('init', 'GS-XXXXXX');

Then add the set root_domain code shown below directly after the init line. This will tell the SDK to use your custom domain when sending events.

gsght('init', 'GS-XXXXXX');
gsght('set', 'root_domain', '');