This document covers the steps required to send conversion data from Gamesight Marketing Analytics to Bing Ads (Microsoft Advertising). This is a one-way data sync that pushes your conversions to Bing Ads enabling automated install-based optimization.


Creating a Dedicated Bing Account for Integration

We encourage you to create a dedicated Bing account that is an administrator of the Bing Ads account you want to measure/link. This will keep the integration from flowing through any employee's "personal" Bing account which may lead to disruptions. It also allows you to restrict the Gamesight integration more directly to specific accounts only.

1. Link your Bing Ads Account

You first will need to link your Bing Ads account to your Gamesight account. You can do this by opening the drop-down by your name in the top right of the page and selecting Settings. On this page you will find a button labeled "Link Bing Ads Account" which will bring you through the Bing oAuth flow and request permission to your Bing Ads Account.


We use this information to read the conversion trackers on your account and to get access to the Offline Conversion Upload API. The account that you link must have permission to access these actions on your Bing Ads account or the integration will fail.

2. Create your Conversion Goal

After you have linked your Bing Ads account you will need to setup a Conversion Goal in Bing Ads, if you do not already have one. First go to your Bing Ads console and under "Conversion Tracking" click on "Conversion Goals".


Next, click on the blue "Create conversion goal" button to create a new Conversion Goal.


Next, select "Offline conversions" and press "Next". Fill out the form and click "Save and Continue".


3. Share your Bing Ads Account

Now that you have linked your Bing Ads account and have a conversion goal set up, you'll need to grant your other team members access to use this account. To do this press the "Manage" button next to your linked Bing Ads account. This should bring up the Bing Ads account management modal.


From here you can select the teams that you want to grant access to. This will allow all members in the team to create Trackers that post their conversions to your Bing Ads account's conversion trackers.

4. Create your Trackers

Now that you have your account linked you should proceed to create a new Bing Ads Network Tracker. You should see that your Bing Ads account is automatically populated in the drop-downs on the Tracker creation screen. If your account is not automatically populated, select the appropriate Account ID and Customer ID.

Now you can click the "Use Bing" button to create your tracker. Do not continue on to the Campaign step yet!


Once you have your Tracker created, copy the click tracker URL. It should be of the following form:{CampaignId}&campaign_name={Campaign}&ad_group={AdGroupId}&ad_group_name={AdGroup}&ad={AdId}&msclkid={msclkid}&destination_url={lpurl}


Just use the Network Tracker!

You do not need to proceed to the Campaign / Ad Group / Ad levels of the tracker creation for the Bing Ads integration. Simply copy your full Network-level Click URL and use it as the Destination URL for your placements. Gamesight will automatically mirror the Campaign structure that you set up in your Bing Ads account.

5. Set up your Bing Ads Campaign

To track your Bing Ads campaigns, you'll need to setup a Tracking template through the Bing Ads campaign settings.


Under "Advanced Campaign Settings", you'll find the Tracking template under the Campaign URL options section.


You will simply need to place your Gamesight tracking link into the "Tracking Template" field for your ad as shown in the image below.

Click the test button to ensure everything is redirecting to the correct page and then save the Tracking template.

If the test fails, you should double check that you are using the network-level click URL for your Bing Ads tracker in the Tracking Template field as mentioned above. Documentation regarding testing results and failures can be found in Bing Ads here.


You should be ready to run your campaign now! You can use the same Tracking link for multiple Bing Ads Campaigns, so if you need to create a new link you can start at Step 5.

Bing Ads Conversions

It can take up to 4 hours for uploaded conversions to appear in your Bing Ads dashboard. If after this amount of time you still aren't seeing successful Bing Ads conversion uploads, please contact support.

Additionally, Bing Ads reports conversions by "Date of Click" by default. You can view this Bing doc for an explanation of this behavior: Bing Conversion Tracking