Account Creation (Web) Measurement

The Gamesight Marketing Measurement platform is very flexible and can be implemented in many different configurations to measure different flows. These use case guides are designed to give you the information you need to successfully roll out Gamesight for your game.

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Use Case Overview

This use case guide is for covers how to setup Web Account Measurement measurement using Gamesight. This guide is applicable to all games, independent of the platform as long as they have an account registration flow on their website.

For games or platforms that have a website where players can register their accounts it is extremely valuable to integrate Gamesight into the account registration flow. Primarily, this enables you to measure a key conversion point in the onboarding funnel for your game. Beyond this, it enables deterministic User ID based attribution between the account creation and game client itself, improving the quality of your reporting.

Measurement Setup

Account Creation measurement is based on firing an event (pixel) after successful account creation. In practice this will mean adding a snippet of code like the following on account creation

gsght('set', 'user_id', [
  // Replace the in_game_user_id value with the user's account ID
  {type: 'user_id', id: 'in_game_user_id'}
gsght('send', 'account_created')

It is important to pass the same user_id value here that you use to identify the user for your in-game events. If you have multiple identifiers available, maybe both a game specific profile as well as a company wide account, you can pass additional IDs as external identities. You can read more about how to set up Web SDK integration to your marketing website in the Web Measurement SDK Quick Start guide.

Goal Configuration

The configuration for an account creation goal is relatively straightforward. You would configure your Goal as follows.


The Configuring Goals guide has more details about how to manage goals for your game.