Tracker Settings

Once a Tracker is configured there are several settings that you can modify to adjust the behavior and display of the Tracker.

To access the Tracker settings click on the name of the Tracker from either the Trackers page or in reporting. Navigate to the Settings tab to see the Tracker settings.


Tracker Settings view


The Tracker name value defines the name that is shown in reporting for any Touchpoints that come through this Tracker. Updating this value will change the name displayed for this Tracker in all reports.

Note that the Name value is different from the Tracker's ID. ID values are often set to Network's campaign, ad group, or ad ID values and not editable.

Destination URL

This value controls the landing page that Click URL redirects users to. Note that it is also possible to override the destination for a Tracker using URL Parameters & Macros. If you see a destination_url parameter in your Click URL this value will be used as the destination for the tag.

Attribution Window

You can learn more about the attribution window setting in the Attribution Windows documentation.