Reporting Overview

Example report from the Reporting UIExample report from the Reporting UI

Example report from the Reporting UI

There are 4 different reporting systems available in Gamesight that you can choose between depending on your company's needs:

Reporting UI

The most common type of reports which are pulled through the Gamesight Console UI. These reports give you rich visualizations on top of powerful data filtering and grouping. Reports pulled through the Reporting UI can be exported to CSV for further analysis.

Real Time Postbacks

A push "webhook" system where we send all attributed GoalsGoals - Specific Events or combinations of Events that you are trying to drive users to complete. This may include buying your game, first match completed, user reactivation, or any other combination of events. to a webhook endpoint you provide in real time. The available parameters can be found in the Postback Macros doc.

Reporting API

A reporting API that enables you to pull reports directly from in the same format that you get through the Reporting UI. The Reporting API Overview provides more details on how to get started.

Raw S3 Data Exports

A raw data export to S3 that sends row-level reporting data including impressions, clicks, cost, etc. You can find a complete data dictionary and steps for getting started in the Raw S3 Data Export Reports guide.

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