Custom Dashboards

Custom Dashboards allow you to build a fully custom visualization of your reporting data. Create your own charts, tables, and more to serve as a source of truth for your team. Create a dashboard highlighting your latest marketing push or a analytics report for tracking trends in player behavior over time.


Preview Feature

Custom dashboards are currently in preview. Please reach out to your account manager if you would like to get access to setup custom dashboards on your account

Creating Dashboards

To get started with custom dashboards you can navigate to the "Custom Dash" page on the sidebar. From here you will be able to press "Add Dashboard" to create a new dashboard.

Once you have created a new dashboard it will become visible to all of the other members of your Team.

From the dashboard page you can begin adding Blocks to your dashboard. These blocks are the primarily components of your dashboard and can be resized and moved to suit your needs. To begin you will select the type of visual you intend to create

Next, select the data source you wish to use for your visual.

Then you can modify the data for your dashboard by specifying the Measures, Dimensions, and Filters:

  • Measures - the values which you want to chart, often this is a count or sum of values.
  • Dimensions - the fields to group the report by. Dimensions are optional. Use them for comparisons or to add more context, often values like Network or Goal Type.
  • Filters - used to control which data is included in the report. This tab contains controls for the time range of the report as well as ability to filter down to specific slices of data (eg single Country or Goal type)

Once you are happy with your visualization you can save the block and it will be added to your dashboard. From here continue to add new blocks, drag and drop to move them, and resize as you would like!