Integration Checklist

This document is designed to be used as a checklist of steps that need to be completed to do a complete rollout of the Gamesight platform. Please review all of the steps outlined below to be sure you have a smooth launch!

1. Measurement Planning

Before we get started rolling out Gamesight for your title, you need to plan out the steps! Below are some key considerations to make when preparing for you integration.

Deployment Models

The first thing you need to determine is what deployment option you want to utilize. Below is a table comparing the different deployment models available.

Deployment TypeDescription
Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)Gamesight's flagship platform running in our fully managed infrastructure (multi-tenant)
Managed DedicatedAn enterprise model with a dedicated Gamesight deployment running in a fully Gamesight-managed cloud environment (learn more)
Self-Hosted DedicatedAn enterprise model with a dedicated Gamesight deployment running on your organization's AWS cloud infrastructure (learn more)

Please get in touch if you are planning on using either of the Hybrid SaaS solutions.

Custom Domains

Games can use a optional custom tracking domain for your links. If you would like to set up a custom domain for your game check out our Custom Domains doc.

Integration Points

Once you have your hosting and domains figured out the next step is determine the integration points for your game. The best place to start for this plan is to review our Use Case guides which provide some examples of common measurement configurations.

We recommend that you start by defining the set of Goals that you want to measure. This will help you when determining which events you will need from your game or other properties. Each goal should map to a key metric that you will use when evaluating the effectiveness of your campaigns (think: sales, new players, returning players, revenue, etc).


Integration Planner

To assist with the goal planning process, we have a standard integration planning template that you may find helpful. It shows some common integration points and may be a helpful starting point for managing your Gamesight rollout. Feel free to make a copy of it and start planning and prioritizing your integration points.

Once you have an initial set of Goals, work with your technical teams to determine the events that you will need to instrument to trigger those Goals. Determine where events are going to come from and what extra data you may need to collect.

For many games, sending a single game launch event on every launch is a great place to start for their measurement needs!


Measurement & Learning

Don't worry too much about getting all of your Goals perfect out of the gate. You should expect to refine your goals over time and as you learn what is most impactful to your game!

Add a Game on Gamesight

Now that you have the integration points determined you'll need to create a Game on Gamesight. We also recommend setting up a second sandbox Game that your development team can use for testing.

2. Event Measurement

Now that you have your integration points and goals planned out it is time to put that plan in action! Again, the Use Case guides can be helpful here in determining the exact integration points you need for your Game. Here are some steps for our most common event measurement integrations.

In Game Measurement

Implemented by: BI Team / Backend Engineer / Game Developer

This is the primary integration point for most games. Please check out our Measurement API Quick Start for more details about how to integrate in-game event measurement. Make sure to use the sandbox Game (if you set one up) during development and testing.

Check out the Testing Your Game Integration guide for details about how to ensure events are making it from your Game to Gamesight. Once the In-Game integration is done, make sure to run an end to end attribution test to ensure everything is functioning as expected.

Marketing Page Integration

Implemented by: Web Developer
If you have a marketing website for your Game and you are planning on integrating the Web SDK please check out our Web Measurement SDK Quick Start for details about how to get started.

Note that Facebook Ads and Google Analytics have additional Web SDK integrations that are recommended if you are planning on integrating Gamesight with those platforms.

Once you have your Web SDK integration complete, please reach out to your account representative who can perform a technical review to ensure the website integration is working as expected.

3. Tracking Rollout

Once all of the technical measurement pieces are in place and tested it is time to plan the rollout to production.

Privacy & Consent

Gamesight provides a suite of tools to help you maintain GDPR & CCPA compliance. Please consult with your company's legal counsel to determine what data privacy and consent laws apply to your title. Ensure you build in appropriate opt in, data access, and removal workflows, as needed.

If you have existing data management systems our GDPR APIs and integrate directly to allow you to manage your GDPR compliance centrally. Alternatively you can use our Data & Security settings to manage opt outs directly through the Gamesight Console. Check out our GDPR & CCPA page for some information about how we can help.

Backfill User IDs

If you are integrating Gamesight into a game which has already launched, then a User ID backfill is required to ensure we don't count existing users as new conversions. Gamesight triggers install goals when we see a new user ID for the first time, so if you have an existing set of users it is important that you backfill their IDs before you start running campaigns to avoid overcounting users.

All we need is a single column CSV containing the list of User ID values that you want to backfill. Please reach out to your account representative for more help setting up a User ID backfill for your game.


Now you are ready to ship out your integration! Make sure to swap out your production API keys before releasing the integrations live. Once the measurement flow is live be sure to conduct an end to end attribution test to ensure everything is functioning as expected.

4. Marketing Rollout

Implemented by: Marketer

Now that the technical integrations are complete it is time to integrate the ad platforms you work with to ensure your conversion data flows smoothly. Check out our Integrations guides for details about our existing integrations and details on how to use Gamesight with new networks.

Once you have your integrations done you can start rolling out your Trackers and running campaigns! Check out our Tracker Configuration docs for suggestions, guides, and tips for effectively structuring your reporting in Gamesight.

5. Measure & Iterate

You're live! Now that you have fully rolled out the Gamesight Marketing Analytics platform you are ready to start measuring, optimizing, and iterating on your campaigns. Make sure to re-evaluate the goals you are measuring to ensure you are covering all of the stages in your funnel.