Creator Programs

Gamesight empowers brands with long-term goals and ongoing support to build creator evangelism through Gamesight's fully managed Creator Programs. A Creator Program not only encourages creator-generated content, but it promotes and maintains player interest while maximizing lifetime value.

Each Creator Program is custom tailored to your specific goals and KPIs and provides a long-term creative strategy which evolves through game phases and milestones. You can find examples of the Creator Program Dashboard below:

Your Creator Program Dashboard allows you to monitor activity by viewing how many total applications were submitted by creators who are looking to join your Creator Program, the number of Active Members, Game Keys Distributed & Redeemed, and much more.

Additionally, you can view how Creator Program Members are performing by checking out how many streams or videos are being created, along with content stats such as Peak Viewers, Stream Counts/Hours, Viewer Hours, etc.

  • Applications - Gamesight's support staff will use a combination of automated and manual vetting to ensure that all applications are thoroughly reviewed and that all creators comply with brand safety (in addition to data metrics).
  • Real-time Dashboards - Monitor your Creator Program through the Creator Program Dashboard with real-time metrics covering the number of applications/approvals, key distribution and redemption status, content/stream data, and top-performing members. You will also receive quarterly Creator Program health reporting.
  • Creator Community - Fully managed Creator Community on Discord promoting content creation and sharing.
  • Key & Asset Distribution - Gamesight has a full suite of Key and Asset Distribution tools which are used to efficiently deliver game keys and/or assets.
  • Merch Distribution - Having successfully delivered merch to thousands of content creators, Gamesight's support staff is capable of ensuring that creators receive merch in line with your marketing beats and campaigns!
  • Creator Events - Our Creator Program Managers have successfully curated many Virtual and IRL events for some of the industry's largest publishers.
  • Active Recruitment - Gamesight's Creator Program Managers engage in Active Recruitment to ensure that we are continuously identifying the right influencers for your program.
  • Measure & Scale - Your Creator Program is easily measured by analyzing ROI through your comprehensive reporting and real-time dashboard which allows your Creator Program to remain flexible and scalable.