Google Analytics

This document covers the steps required to send conversion data from Gamesight Marketing Analytics to Google Analytics. This integration will push goal data from Gamesight into Google Analytics enabling you to unify your in-game conversion data with your site analytics. In addition to GA's standard features this data sync also unlocks audience creation in both Google Ads and DV360.

1. Install Web Measurement SDK

The first step is to install the Gamesight Web Measurement SDK to your game's marketing site (or wherever you are driving traffic). The Web Measurement SDK Quick Start provides an overview of this process.

// Gamesight SDK Snippet
(G.gsght.q=G.gsght.q||[]).push(arguments)},G.gsght.q=[],G.gsght.h=1*new Date();
gsght('init', 'GS-XXXXXX')
gsght('set', 'ga_enabled', true)

Note that the ga_enabled flag tells the SDK to turn on the integration with Google Analytics.

2. Enable Google Analytics Integration

The last step is to set up your Google Analytics Property ID on the Gamesight Console. You can find the field under Management > Game Settings.

That's it! You should now start to see your Gamesight goals as events in Google Analytics.

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