Google Analytics

This document covers the steps required to send conversion data from Gamesight Marketing Analytics to Google Analytics. This integration will push goal data from Gamesight into Google Analytics enabling you to unify your in-game conversion data with your site analytics. In addition to GA's standard features this data sync also unlocks audience creation in both Google Ads and DV360.

Gamesight supports both Universal Analytics (UA) and Google Analytics 4 (GA4) for this integration.

1. Install Web Measurement SDK

The first step is to install the Gamesight Web Measurement SDK to your game's marketing site (or wherever you are driving traffic). The Web Measurement SDK Quick Start provides an overview of this process.

// Gamesight SDK Snippet
(G.gsght.q=G.gsght.q||[]).push(arguments)},G.gsght.q=[],G.gsght.h=1*new Date();
gsght('init', 'GS-XXXXXX')
gsght('set', 'ga_enabled', true)

Note that the ga_enabled flag tells the SDK to turn on the integration with Google Analytics. This enables collection of the client_id value from Google Analytics which is required to generate events from our server.


Google Analytics Required

You must have Google Analytics installed on your website through either analytics.js (UA), gtag.js (GA4), or Google Tag Manager for the Gamesight Google Analytics integration to work.

2. Enable Google Analytics Integration

The last step is to set up your Google Analytics Property ID on the Gamesight Console. You can find the field under Management > Game Settings. The process here is slightly different depending on whether you are using UA or GA4.

Universal Analytics

For Universal Analytics you will just need to provide your GA Property ID in your Game Settings on Gamesight. You can find this value in Google Analytics in Admin > Property Settings > Tracking Id.


Universal Analytics Configuration

For UA, all Attributed Goals will be sent to Google Analytics as Events with the following configuration:

  • Event Category: "Gamesight Goal"
  • Event Action: The name of the Goal in Gamesight that was triggered

Google Analytics 4

For GA4 you will need to provide both your Measurement ID as well as a Measurement Protocol API Secret in your Game Settings on Gamesight. You can find these two values in Google Analytics in Admin > Data Streams and selecting the stream you want your events to be sent to.

Measurement ID

You can find the Measurement ID in the top right of your Data Stream.


Measurement ID available in the top right

API Secret

You can create a Measurement Protocol API secret at the bottom of the Data Stream panel.


Once you open up the Measurement Protocol API secrets panel, use the create button in the top right to create a new secret.


Once you have both of these values, you can enter them into Gamesight under your Game Settings on the Management page of your dashboard.


Google Analytics 4 Configuration

For GA4 all Attributed Goals will be sent to Google Analytics as Events with the following configuration:

  • Event Name: The name of the Goal in Gamesight that was triggered converted into snake case (special characters removed, lowercase, spaces replaced with underscores) and prefixed with gs_. For example, "DLC Purchase" goals will be mapped to gs_dlc_purchase in Google Analytics.

  • Params:

    • goal_type_id: The ID of the Goal Type which was triggered

That's it! You should now start to see your Gamesight goals as events in Google Analytics.


In the table below, we go over some common questions surrounding the Google Analytics integration

Conversions from Gamesight aren't appearing in Google AnalyticsThere could be several issues here:
- Please confirm that both Google Analytics and the Gamesight Web SDK are present on your website
- Confirm that you clicked on a Tracker that directed you to that website and that your conversion is showing in your Campaigns report in Gamesight
- Google Analytics reporting can be delayed by several hours, it is recommended to use the realtime report to confirm which events are being sent.
Only a small number of attributed goals are showing up in Google AnalyticsFor Universal Analytics, there could be several issues here:
- Gamesight can only upload conversions to Universal Analytics for users that have visited your website with both Google Analytics and the Gamesight Web SDK present. If you are driving users directly to a storefront, it will not be possible to upload those conversions back to Universal Analytics.
- The Google Analytics integration will not work for any users that have Ad Blockers enabled on their browser as the Ad Blocker will prevent Google Analytics from loading

For GA4:
- GA4 will receive all Goals, whether they hit a website with the Gamesight Web SDK installed or not. Data will be more limited for users that don't flow through your website as the events cannot be attached to a Google Analytics session.
- GA4 will also currently will not show all events on the Realtime dashboard, so you may need to wait up to 24 hours for this event data to show in your GA4 reporting.