Testing Attribution

Recommended Testing Flow


When testing attribution, ensure you test a scenario where a player does not consent to data processing. For more information regarding Gamesight's consent management tooling, refer to the documentation for User Opt-Outs.

Due to the complex nature of the attribution system it is best to use a controlled testing structure when verifying your Goals. We recommend that you follow the following steps for every test to ensure consistent results.

  1. Start a new private/incognito browsing session in your Web Browser
  2. Trigger touchpoint(s) using your click/impression Trackers. See the Tracker Basics document for details on how to generate new Trackers.
  3. Create a fresh in-game account, if there is an in-game account system.
  4. Perform actions (in-game or otherwise) that match your Goal event triggers (eg. launching the game or completing a match)
  5. Check the console and verify the Attribution occurred successfully. The Live Dashboard will let you confirm that the event came through. The Campaigns report can also be helpful to let you confirm the result of your test. The Campaigns report should be updated within 60 seconds.


For consistent test results it is vital that you perform tests from a single device with a consistent internet connection. Please disable any VPNs you might have enabled.

Diagnosing Failed Tests

Trying to test your Goal flow but not seeing the attributed goal in your reporting? The following sections provide some common reasons why an attribution may not be counted and will offer solutions so you can get up and running faster.

Your User Account Already Triggered this Goal

Many Goals (including the default Install Goal) are setup to only be activated at most once per User. This means if you have previously used the same in-game user account to test attribution any subsequent attempts will fail.

Even if you do not remember testing attribution on this account before, it is possible that you clicked on a tracking link and were attributed at some point in the past.

If you do not have the ability to use a new user in your tests, you can use the GDPR APIs to "reset" event history for an existing user.

Solution: Always use a fresh in-game user account for every test, or use the GDPR API (or Management Console) to remove user data between tests.

Your Browser Session has Already Been Attributed

Upon successful attribution, your browser session becomes associated with the attributed user account. This feature prevents multiple touchpoints from the same browser session from being attributed to multiple users. This also means that any subsequent tests run from the same browser session will be prevented from attributing to your new user account.

Solution: Always use a fresh private browsing session (incognito window) for every test.

Your Touchpoint Occurred after the Goal Event

The Attribution engine enforces that all touchpoints must occur prior to a triggered goal to be attributed. This means that if, for example, you launch your game then trigger a touchpoint afterwards the goal will remain unattributed.

Solution: Trigger your Touchpoint prior to your Goal event

The In-Game Integration isn't Complete

Gamesight Marketing Attribution requires our Event Measurement API to be integrated into your game. If this step hasn't been completed we will be unable to provide attribution.

Solution: Have your technical team review and implement Event Measurement.

Event Types do not Match Your Goal Triggers

The default Conversion goal is triggered the first time an event of type game_launch is seen for a user. If your game doesn't send an event of this type you will not see conversions in your dashboard.

Additionally, you should inspect the trigger rules for any custom goals that you have setup to ensure they align with the Events being triggered by the game.

Solution: Ensure your game sends the game_launch event when it is launched.

Your Game Doesn't Provide Event Identifiers Correctly

While the Measurement API is very flexible, sometimes we are unable to correctly parse the format that identifiers are provided in. Improperly formatted identifiers can prevent Gamesight's fingerprint matching engine from finding conversions.

Additionally, it is common for the back-end game services that integrate with the Measurement API to be behind load balancers or reverse proxies. In these situations it might require additional steps to pull the correct value for the end user's IP address. Please review your server configuration to ensure the correct IP value is being reported.

Solution: If you are using the Measurement API and are experiencing issues tracking conversions, please double check our reference docs to ensure you are implementing the identifier collection in the expected format.

Still having trouble?

If these solutions do not resolve your issue, please contact us through live chat on the bottom right of your screen or email us at [email protected] and we'll help you get to the bottom of it!