This document covers the steps required to monitor the performance of your Solana game with Gamesight.

The Solana integration will automatically pull on-chain events into your Gamesight reporting. This gives you a unified view of your attribution covering in-game and on-chain interactions. You can learn more about how to configure your integration, what events are available, and how you can setup Solana goals in Gamesight in our documentation.

Account Linking

The first step is to link your Game's contracts to Gamesight to select which transactions you would like to be forwarded into your reporting.

  1. Open Management > Ad Platform Integrations and press the Add button to add a new partner
  2. Search for Solana to find the relevant integration entry
  1. Fill in the Contract Hash for the Candy Machine you want to track events from
  1. Save the integration, and repeat for each Candy Machine you want to track

Wallet Association

Events that come through the Solana integration will come through as Anonymous Events tagged with the Wallet ID for the participant in the transaction. This means that while you will see event volumes and revenue for all of your transactions, only those on a wallet that is associated with one of your in-game users will be attributable.

To provide these associations to Gamesight, you will need to provide Wallet IDs (address) in your in-game events as an external ID so that we can leverage Late ID Binding to attribute your Anonymous on-chain events. Below is an example of a event payload that you can use to make that association after a user links their wallet to their in-game account.

curl \
	-X POST \
	-H 'Authorization: SOMEAPIKEYHERE' \
	-H 'X-Api-Version: 1.1.0' \
	-H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
	-d "$(cat <<-EOF
    "user_id": "b91f8k5r",
    "type": "game_launch",
    "identifiers": {
      "ip": "",
    "external_ids": [{
      "external_id_type": "solana_wallet",
      "external_id": "DYw8jCTfwHNRJhhmFcbXvVDTqWMEVFBX6Zxxxxxx"

Goal Configuration

Once you have your Solana contract linked, you will automatically start to see on-chain events display in your reporting. There are several event types that will be sent:

Event TypeDescriptionUse Cases
solana_transaction-mintA user received a newly minted token from your Candy MachineMeasure players earning in-game items
solana_transaction-buyA user completed a purchase of a token from your Candy MachineMeasure frequency or volume of purchases. The SOL amount on these events can be reported as revenue
solana_transaction-sellA user completed a sale of a token from your Candy MachineTrigger KPIs on when users acquired participate in selling on secondary markets
solana_transaction-transferA user completed a transfer of a token from your Candy MachineTrack volume of tokens that are traded
solana_transaction-burnA user burned a token from your Candy MachineMeasure item use for games with item burning mechanisms

Note: the complete transaction details are included in the metadata field for events, so if you would like to trigger goals based on the presence of a specific combination of details of an event, contact your account manager and we can help with configuration.

You can follow our Configuring Goals guide for more details on how to setup and test goals based on these events.

Custom Dashboards

You can also use your Solana transaction data when building custom dashboards on Gamesight. This can be useful to monitoring general statistics and health for the overall economy of your game.

Some possible use cases include:

  • Creating a single dashboard combing primary and secondary market transaction volumes in your ecosystem alongside your marketing spends
  • Monitoring mint volumes during launch windows or transaction volumes of different skins / items