Campaign Activations

Once you have Approved the Discovery, you can begin using the Activations tab so that you can review which influencers have been contacted/contracted, what the deliverable costs are, deliverable go-live dates, etc. through your dashboard.

The Activations tab of your Campaigns Dashboard contains all of the influencers who were Qualified and Approved from your Discoveries. Each Activation contains a list of influencers who are going to be contacted by our Influencer Team in order to gauge interest, discuss deliverables and cost, contracting, etc.

Outreach and Contracting

Our Influencer Team will begin outreach to all of the previously Approved influencers as soon as your Discovery has been approved. Objectives achieved during the Outreach phase are as follows:

  1. Our team will being contacting the Approved influencers within the Activation to first gauge their interest in participating in the specific campaign.
  2. If the influencer confirms they are interested, deliverables are discussed and a cost (or "rate") is agreed upon.
  3. Influencer and Deliverable Costs will be updated on your Activations tab and Dashboard Overview.
  4. Once all Costs have been approved, our team will begin contracting each influencer for the agreed upon deliverables.
  5. Once influencers have been contracted, any necessary key or merch distribution will be executed.
  6. Go-Live dates for deliverables will be reflected in your Activations tab.

Download CSV

If you need to download/export a CSV of your Activations, you can do so by using the ellipsis (") as shown below: