gsght('send', {
  // A name for this type of event.
  type: 'event_name',
  // All parameters below are optional
  // Specify the user_id to be sent with this event
  // defaults to the user_id value set via gsght('set','user_id',...)
  // will fall back to Gamesight generated user_id if not provided
  user_id: '12345678',
  // Unique transaction ID that is used for deduplicating events, commonly used to ensure idempotency with purchase events. Gamesight enforces that only 1 event will be processed per transaction_id.
  transaction_id: '123456-12345-234234-234234',
  // Revenue related info about this event
  revenue_amount: '1.23',
  // the type of currency used when calling this event
  revenue_currency: 'usd',
  // Defines how this info is used
  //  - cumulative: used for in-game purchases
  //  - once_per_user: used for DLC / one-time purchases
  revenue_type: 'cumulative',
  // specify the platform type
  // defaults to the platform option from initialization (3rd arg)
  platform: 'web',


// You can also pass the event type separately
gsght('send', 'event_name', {
  // all fields except `type`

// for multiple events as a batched call
gsght('send', [
  {/* event options */},
  {/* event options */},