The get method provides an interface to control values that will be used this Web SDK instance. This commonly includes actions like setting User ID values and configuring which integrations are enabled.

gsght('get', '{field}')
{field}String'user_id'The field that you want to get the value for. See the section below for supported fields


Using get with onload

Calls to get will fail unless the Web SDK has been fully initialized before the call. To ensure this is handled consistently, please look at using the onload method.



Gets the Gamesight Session ID (gsid) for the current device.

gsght('get', 'gsid') // 513f5c447d384684a11603cae3083895


Gets the list of user_id values that have been set on the current instance of the Web SDK

gsght('get', 'user_id') // [{UserPayload}]


Gets the current root_domain that is being used for this instance of the Web SDK

gsght('get', 'root_domain') //

Additional keys

In addition to the above key, the get method supports: warnings, gs_enabled, fb_enabled, and acm_enabled