The impression method is used to trigger an impression to a Gamesight Tracker. This can be used as an alternative to manually inserting Gamesight's impression tags into your page.

This is commonly used when you want to treat one of your owned websites as a media source in reporting to answer questions like:

  • How many of my players visited my marketing website before playing my game?
  • How do my forum users compare to the average player?
  • How does DLC sales conversion rate compare between my two marketing pages (A/B testing)


Using Internal Website Trackers

When setting up Trackers for measuring actions/goals on your website, be sure to use the "Internal Website" network. Internal Website trackers are fallback trackers meaning they get deprioritized during the attribution process to prevent any trackers you implement on your internal site from "taking" the credit for your paid campaigns.

This means if a user clicks on a Facebook tracker, followed by clicking an Internal Website tracker - Facebook will be attributed and the Internal Website will be counted as an assist in our Multi-Touch Attribution model.

gsght('impression', '{shortcode}', [{tracker_params}], [{callback}])
{shortcode}String'abc123'The shortcode for the Tracker that you want to trigger
{tracker_params}TrackerParams (optional){campaign: 'my-campaign'}Additional values to include in the payload for the Tracker.
{callback}Function (optional)() => { console.log('Send Complete') }A function to trigger once the impression call has been completed


The TrackerParams object accepts all of the same parameters that are outlined in our URL Parameters & Macros page.


Basic Usage

To mark an impression on your page, first you will setup your Tracker in Gamesight. From there you will copy the Tracker Shortcode (highlighted below).


Example of a Tracker Shortcode

You can then fill that Shortcode into your Web SDK call

// Send a single impression without any additional payload
gsght('impression', 'd3m0')

// Send an impression with dynamic ad group / ad values
gsght('impression', 'd3m0', {
  ad_group: 'dlc-pages',
  ad_group_name: 'DLC Pages',
  ad: 'page-variant-1',
  ad_name: 'Page Variant 1'


If you would like to trigger some additional code or process once the impression has been successfully sent to Gamesight, you can pass a callback.

// Send a single event without any additional payload
gsght('impression', 'd3m0', () => {
  console.log("Send complete")
// Example event including event payload
gsght('impression', 'd3m0', {
  ad_group: 'dlc-pages'
}, () => {
 console.log("Send complete") 

// Example event using promises + async/await
await new Promise((resolve) => gsght('impression', 'd3m0', resolve))
console.log("Send complete")