The Gamesight Web Measurement SDK is the fastest way to get your web based tracking flows up and running with Gamesight. To get started check out our Web SDK Quick Start document. After you have the SDK integrated you can use the following reference pages to help you deeply integrate Gamesight into your web flows.


To initialize the Web SDK, you will need to insert the JavaScript snippet on your landing page.

You can access your Web SDK snippet from the Management page in Gamesight, under Game > In-Game Integrations as shown below.

If you do not have access to this page, please contact an Admin for your Game so they can grant you the "Game Integrator" permissions.



Working with custom domains

If you are using a custom domain or have Gamesight deployed in a Hybrid SaaS environment, then your initialization code for the Web SDK will be different. Please contact your Customer Success Manager to get the correct Web SDK initialization code for your environment.

Data & Privacy

When sending events, the Web SDK sends minimal data about the user's browser session. Screen resolution, timezone, and browser language are used to help with attribution. Events are sent via GET HTTP requests made with Image tags. This is effectively a 'pixel' but no images are ever added to the page. More information about data and security can be found here.

Below is a table of the cookies that are set by the Web SDk

_gsid365 daysUUID value used to identify multiple interactions from a single device and distinguish between users