The Gamesight Web Measurement SDK is the fastest way to get your web based tracking flows up and running with Gamesight. To get started check out our Web SDK Quick Start document. After you have the SDK integrated you can use the following reference pages to help you deeply integrate Gamesight into your game.

Additionally, the Web SDK can be utilized for tracking for pre-install events such as web form signups as well as attaching known User IDs to user's device for deterministic matching.

Data Privacy: When sending events, the Web SDK sends minimal data about the user's browser session. Screen resolution, timezone, and browser language are used to help with attribution. Events are sent via GET HTTP requests made with Image tags. This is effectively a 'pixel' but no images are ever added to the page. More information about data and security can be found here.

For more information, or help integrating Gamesight, contact us through live chat or email us at [email protected]