The Events API allows you to pass revenue data allowing you to track your Return on Ad Spend directly through the Gamesight dashboard. You can read more about our different revenue measurement options in the Configuring Goals guide.

Currency conversion is handled as described in our Currency Handling documentation.

curl \
	-X POST \
	-H 'Authorization: SOMEAPIKEYHERE' \
	-H 'X-Api-Version: 1.1.0' \
	-H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
	-d "$(cat <<-EOF
    "user_id": "b91f8k5r",
    "type": "skin_purchase",
    "revenue_currency": "usd",
    "revenue_amount": 5.12,
    "identifiers": {...}

You should pass revenue directly with your events in cases where the Game knows the correct revenue amount that a user paid. This is most common with in-game purchases or similar first party transactions.

Note that for Event revenue to show in reporting, there must be a goal configured to trigger on this event.

Data Types

You may pass revenue_amount as either an Integer, Float, or String. Gamesight will directly convert the provided value in the JSON payload into a Fixed Point value to prevent any error from being introduced due to floating point arithmetic.

For example, in the above example payload you can see a revenue amount of 5.12 present in the payload. Given this payload, your reporting will show exactly 5.12 USD worth of revenue.