July 2023

  • 🚀 Ad Server ID Parameters - We have added support for dedicated fields and reporting parameters for use with ad servers such as Google CM360. This allows you to keep track of both your ad platform's ID structure and your ad server's IDs simultaneously!

  • 🚀 Cryptocurrency support - You can now provide revenue amounts in crypto (ETH, SOL, BTC, etc) and we will automatically convert those volumes into USD (or any other fiat currency!)

  • 🚀 Solana integration - Games running on Solana can now automatically receive on-chain events for attribution.

  • Reddit Ads Integration - Our expanded Reddit Ads integration now supports account linking and automated cost aggregation for your Reddit campaigns!

  • Appier Integration - Added dynamic hierarchy mirroring and postbacks

  • CyberAgent Integration - Added dynamic hierarchy mirroring and postbacks

  • StackAdapt integration - Added postback support

  • 🛠 Tracker UTF-8 Character Support - Fixed an issue where if you used UTF-8 characters in your Tracker name during creation the automatically generated Tracker ID could lead to conflicting rows in reporting. You can now use UTF-8 characters freely when creating Trackers!

  • 🛠 Influencer Analytics with multi-game links - Social platforms such as Twitch or Youtube may have more than one ID for a given Game over time. In these cases Gamesight now automatically merges those links together and provides a selector to let you pull analytics and run discoveries for each ID.