October 2023

  • 🚀 Custom Dashboards - You can now create fully custom dashboards with you own visualizations! Create a dashboard highlighting your latest marketing push or a analytics report for tracking trends in player behavior over time.

  • 🚀 IPv6 Support - We have added support for IPv4/IPv6 Dual-stack networking so you can continue to measure as you roll out IPv6 infrastructure to your games.

  • Improved Invalid Traffic (IVT) Filtering - We have revised and expanded our bot filtering to help provide cleaner reporting. The new filter catches 208% more invalid traffic!

  • Invalid link pattern detection - Tracking links will now automatically detect and correct links with invalid encoding to keep your reports cleaner! No more line items with &ad_group=value in the name.

  • 🛠 CSV export - Fixed issues with CSV export when the column headings contained commas

  • 🛠 Timezones - Fixed reporting edge case where time filters were using UTC rather than your game's configured timezone