March 2024

  • 🚀 Influencer Campaign Dashboard - We have launched a new suite of tools to enable you track, visualize, and interact with your Gamesight-managed influencer campaign's progress from start to completion.
  • 🚀 Creator Program Dashboard - Incentivize and reward the creators in your community with a dedicated program. Open up applications, select those who fit your vision, and start offering perks right away.
  • 🚀 Key Distribution - Our full suite of Key Distribution tools empower you to run flexible key distribution campaigns - either standalone or to complement a paid campaign.
  • 🚀 Custom Goal Cohorts - Run cohorted reports such as the LTV and Retention with customized cohorting logic based on any goal (or combination of goals) that you have configured.
  • Redesigned Goal Creation - We have completely reworked our Goal Creation flow to provide a more guided experience and open up several new types of measurement such as retention and throttled goals.