September 2023

  • 🚀 Cohorted Day X LTV - You can now compare the revenue growth over time of different cohorts of users directly in the LTV report! Choose from a number of D1/D3/etc benchmark dates and easily run comparisons between different months, channels, and more.

  • 🚀 Weekly & Monthly Grouping - Choose weekly or monthly grouping in reporting to build larger cohorts for comparison or give you a higher level view of your performance over time.

  • 2023 SOC2 Audit Completed - Our 2023 SOC2 audit has been finalized! Please let your Account Manager know if you would like a copy to review.

  • SAML SSO Improvements - We have made several improvements to our SAML Single Sign-On feature including the ability to restrict an entire email domain to a specific IdP. This greatly simplifies the process of inviting new users when working with SSO - just send them a standard invite through the Gamesight Console and we will automatically guide them through the rest!

  • 🛠 Hidden reporting columns - Manually hidden Goal columns in reports used to reset any time you changes the groups or metrics in your reports. This has been fixed so you don't have to continually re-hide columns as you fine tune your report.