May 2023

  • 🚀 Multitouch Model Controls - There are new "Multitouch Model" controls available in reports to let you select between viewing First Touch, Last Touch, Linear, Positional, and Time Decay models in real time. Quickly get deeper understanding of how your marketing channels influence the player journey, in addition to our existing assist and deeper S3 reporting options.

  • 🚀 Late ID Binding - Many games have several identities that may be linked over time or delayed registration where users may begin playing the game without registration. Anonymous events have supported this flow previously, but now with Late ID Binding attribution will automatically reprocess previous events with the new User ID after the user signs up/in for improved match quality and clarity in reports.

  • Integration Relinking - You can now remove existing ad platform integrations directly from the Tracker's Integration tab. This greatly simplifies the process and removing and changing the account that you have linked to your Tracker.

  • 🛠 Google Campaign Manager Linking - We rebuilt the GCM account linking flow to be more intuitive and faster.

  • 🛠 GDPR Data Removal Performance - Improved performance on large GDPR data removal requests to complete deletion jobs more quickly and efficiently