January 2023

  • 🚀 Referral Codes - Improve your measurement when working with affiliate and creators with Referral Codes. You can now attach unique referral codes to your Trackers providing you both with customized links and the ability to support a referral code in your registration or purchase flows for direct attribution.

  • 🚀 Raw Data Export on GCP - You can now specify a GCP Cloud Storage bucket at the destination for Raw Data Exports enabling you to dive deep into your attribution data using GCP's broad range of analytics tooling without needing to write your own ETL.

  • LTV and Retention Performance - We made several improvements to our LTV and Retention reporting to improve performance. It is now over 14x faster on average!

  • Attribution Improvements for Anonymous Events - Several enhancements to device graph traversal in attribution when mixing anonymous and identified events. For example carrying over attribution matches associated with anonymous events to identified events if there was an external ID link shared between the two event sets.

  • 🛠 Resolved issue where it wasn't possible to add multiple postbacks consecutively in Tracker configuration

  • 🛠 Minor issue where unattributed data was split between 2 rows on LTV and Retention reports

  • 🛠 Goal revenue is now included in LTV reporting