Frequently Asked Questions

This document will cover Frequently Asked Questions in direct Q/A form.

I am seeing an odd number of clicks on a tracker after I placed it into Facebook/Google/etc. Is that normal?

Yes. It is completely normal to see a number of "system" clicks on newly created trackers while automated systems verify the links. This is something Facebook and Google specifically use as part of their verification process. Note that we do automatically detect most of these bot clicks and filter them from your reporting, but some still get through!

If I don't want impressions, clicks, spend, etc. pulled into Gamesight, do I still need to link my ad network accounts?

Yes. The account linking step is required for both the Impression / Spend syncing, and to postback conversions to the ad networks. If you skip linking your accounts we will still measure clicks and conversions, but those conversions will only be visible through the Gamesight Console as a result and not through Facebook or Google's reports.

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